Teaching Grammar

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Fear grammar no more!

Learn how to teach those long-forgotten rules of grammar, sentence structure, and style. Teaching grammar can be fun when you are prepared.

You may know the rules of grammar, but do you know how to teach it effectively? This professional specialization course shows you how.

Proficient knowledge of grammar is an essential part of language acquisition and communication. This comprehensive 60-hour Teaching Grammar course has been designed with two goals in mind: it will perfect your own grammar skills, and also give you an overall perspective on how to teach grammar in a conversational English classroom. Teachers around the globe have found great success in teaching grammar by implementing the methods taught in this course. This manual equips you with the theory behind teaching grammar and includes activities for use in your classroom.

This course will be your key to becoming a confident and effective TESOL grammar teacher.

Course Content:

The Teaching Grammar course consists of three separate units.

1. Self-Assessment

Topics covered include: nouns, articles, pronouns, adjectives, modal auxiliaries, present and past tense verbs, future verbs, tag sentences, idioms and conditionals.

2. Grammar Theory

Topics covered include: the megamyth of grammar acquisition, universal grammar, Krashen’s theory, nature vs. nurture, Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development, Skinner’s verbal behaviour, Piaget’s view of language acquisition, cognitive theory, the speech act theory, a short history of grammar, implicit vs. explicit grammar, and pedagogic grammar.

3. How to Teach Grammar

Topics covered include: aspects of teaching, learning structures, classroom hints, approaches to grammar, and grammar games and worksheets.

Course Requirements:

Several assignments are to be completed and submitted. These include four self-assessment activities, four lesson plans dealing with grammar activities, and a final exam consisting of theory and grammar assignments.

Without proper training, teaching overseas is a daunting task. Public school systems in Canada and the United States have drastically reduced the amount of time dedicated to teaching English-speaking students grammar and, as a result, they do not have a proper understanding of their own grammar rules. Teaching these rules, then, becomes almost impossible if the teacher does not truly understand the mechanics of grammar.

The Teaching Grammar Course breaks down the most common grammar rules taught at the beginner or intermediate level so that the teacher is able to enter any classroom with confidence. It also goes further into the theory behind grammar so that each teacher can develop his or her own approach to grammar acquisition.

Don’t despair! Grammar, when broken down into individual lessons, can be enjoyable.


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