Teaching Medical English

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Millions of medical professionals worldwide are required to know and to use English in their work environment. This diverse teaching field offers lucrative opportunities.

Medical English terms and procedures are commonly studied abroad as well as locally.

Course Overview

Nurses, doctors, and other foreign and immigrant medical professionals must be proficient in medical terminology, procedures, and concepts in order to work in a native-English speaking country or to advance in their present position at home. Become certified to teach the necessary skills to ensure they succeed.

Doctors, nurses, medical students, and international health care workers worldwide who do not speak English as their native language are filling up medical English classes. Schools, individual health care workers, and government bodies are looking for teachers who specialize in teaching medical terminology, concepts, and attitudes to instruct these people. Teaching medical English is becoming an increasingly popular industry, with TESOL, TESL and TEFL teachers becoming high in demand.

Working with medical issues demands special skills, knowledge, and experience. It is also an area of teaching that best suits someone with previous experience in the medical profession; however, newcomers to this field can also become successful using this course as a guide. Students are highly motivated since the course has clear personal advantages personally or within their institution.

The teacher also needs to be highly flexible. Medical English needs vary from student to student, but each person will have specific demands to meet their individual desired results.

Course Content:

  • An introduction and overview of what medical English is, who your target students are, and the process of teaching medical English
  • Methods and approaches to teaching medical English
  • Medical English terminology and how to teach medical English terminology acquisition skills
  • Examination and evaluation of medical case studies
  • Developing medical English materials
  • Developing medical English courses
  • Medical grammar

Course Requirements:

  • Study and evaluate case studies
  • Material development assignment
  • Medical terminology task
  • Medical concepts task
  • Medical agreements task
  • Final course assignment
  • Various medical English exercises


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