TESOL For Non-Native English Speakers

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Helping non-native English speakers become English teachers by giving you the terminology and resources you need for teaching English with confidence.

You can successfully teach others English, even if it’s not your first language. Let us show you how!

Course Overview:

There are many qualified and talented English instructors working in the field of ESL/EFL whose first language is not English. Our TESOL for Non-Native English Teachers course was written for non-native speakers who would like to teach English. This is a content-based course that covers all relevant information regarding ESL/EFL instruction in a comprehensible and simplified way. You will learn more about second language acquisition theories and techniques and discover how to apply them in practical and effective activities and lessons.

Course Content:

TESOL for Non-Native English Teachers will first introduce you to the history, philosophies, methods, and techniques of teaching languages. The course then moves on to aspects of communication including phonetics and semantics, as well as linguistic transference. Since the experience of a non-native English teacher may differ from that of a native English speaker, the final chapter covers various issues that non-native teachers may encounter during their careers.

This course will help you gain a greater understanding of how to apply second language acquisition theories and methods to real classroom situations, leaving you with greater confidence in your English teaching ability.

Course Requirements:

  • TESOL theory assignment
  • Phonetic production assignments
  • Articulation assignment
  • Using tongue twisters as pronunciation aides
  • The practical application of TESOL methods and approaches to lesson planning
  • Using TESOL methods in group work
  • Applying personal second language learning experience to teaching techniques
  • Teacher’s mission statement assignment


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