Course Specification for TESOL Practicum

TESOL Teaching Practicum

There is no substitute for direct teaching experience, especially in the dynamic field of conversational English. A practicum will undoubtedly leave you better prepared and set the stage for a successful teaching experience!

Course Overview:

Teaching, like any other skill, requires practice. Teaching under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers helps to create new teachers who are confident and well-trained.

Global TESOL College is proud to offer a unique self-directed TESOL practicum program. The practicum is designed for those seeking the experience of teaching without committing to a contract.

The practicum program allows inexperienced teachers a chance to gain hands-on experience in a real classroom environment while using the skills and methods addressed in the Global TESOL Foundation and Specialization courses. The practicum also gives experienced teachers a chance to experiment with new classroom situations and program ideas in an environment where they can consult with others.

Course Content:

Participants will follow through a process of guided in-depth learning about their own teaching. They will reflect on and analyze their own teaching methods and approaches, experiment with and apply new techniques, and document their experiences.

During this time, practicum participants will deepen their understanding of pedagogical development and learning theories relating to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Course components include various readings, a reflective journal, and self-evaluation of practicum teaching as well as a supervised evaluation of teaching. The practicum can be completed locally or abroad.

Ultimately, upon completion of the program, graduates will have made a valuable contribution to their future teaching success in the academic community.

Course Requirements:

  • Classroom observation and assessment (3 hours)
  • Team teaching participation and assessment (5 hours)
  • Solo teaching and assessment (7 hours)
  • Supervised teaching and assessment (5 hours)
  • Readings
  • Self-reflective journal
  • Teaching dossier
  • Video self analysis
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