Course Specification for Teaching Tourism English

Teaching Tourism English

Millions of professionals in the global tourism industry require specialized English skills. This fastest growing industry in the world is in desperate need of specialized English teachers.

Enter this exciting field by becoming certified to teach Tourism English!

Course Overview:

Do you enjoy traveling or do you have experience in the tourism industry? This specialization offers the best of both worlds: getting paid to work and having fun in an exciting TESOL field, almost anywhere in the world.

Tourism is an industry that continues to grow annually. Millions of non-native English speakers worldwide are planning to or  are already working in this industry, but lack the skills to effectively communicate with English-speaking tourists. Students range from store clerks to hotel staff, tour guides to hotel CEO’s, and the list goes on. As a result, numerous job possibilities are available to graduates of this TESOL specialization course. Opportunities are divided into different groups: hotel agents, planners, travel suppliers, spa and resort staff, Bed & Breakfasts, airlines, cruise lines, and entertainment. Advanced job opportunities are open to people with tourism, sales and marketing, managerial, Public Relations and related experience.

In order for foreign students to achieve their professional goals, they must acquire the proper education and be fluent in English.

This industry offers hospitality and tourism programs at the college level. Programs such as accommodation management, event and meeting management, bartending, culinary training, restaurant and catering studies, tourism and travel, cooking classes and workshops, etc. offer certificates in the “tourism” category. Advanced training programs include certified travel agent and counselor programs. They need to learn how to work in these fields as well as how to communicate in English as they work in the tourism industry.

Course Content

  • History of the tourism industry
  • Tourism English subject matter and knowledge
  • Specific vocabulary unit
  • Related idiom
  • Methods tailored to this subject
  • Classroom teaching
  • Grammatical structures to be incorporated into course materials
  • Tools and practical examples
  • A touch of humor
  • Case studies

Course Requirements:

  • Relevant tasks
  • Marketing assignment
  • History task
  • Geography task
  • Customs and traditions assignment
  • Jobs in tourism assignment
  • Job search task
  • Write your resume task
  • City tour task
  • Where to stay task
  • Dining out assignment
  • Tourism changes culture
  • Unpredictable situations
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