Course Specification for Teaching Legal English

Teaching Legal English

Globalization of international business, commerce, trade, and communication demands that legal terms, concepts, and agreements be clearly communicated in English.

Globalization also requires that legal terms, concepts, and agreements be understood and communicated across borders – in English.

Increasingly, many global multinational firms and companies, employers now require that their employees worldwide learn English so they can better use resources which are available only in the global language of business: English!

Course Overview:

Lawyers, law students, and international businesspeople worldwide who do not speak English as their native language are filling up Legal English classes. Schools, corporations, and government bodies are looking for teachers who specialize in teaching legal terminology, concepts, and attitudes surrounding this specialization. Teaching legal English is becoming an increasingly popular industry, with TESOL, TESL, and TEFL teachers in high demand.

Working with legal issues demands special skills, knowledge, and experience. It is also an area of teaching that can favor the legally-minded teacher. Students are highly motivated since the course has clear advantages for them personally or within their company.

The teacher also needs to be highly flexible. Legal English needs vary from client to client and from business to business, but each client or company will have specific demands and needs to meet their individual desired results.

Course Content:

  • An introduction and overview of what legal English is, who your target students are, and the process of teaching legal English
  • Methods and approaches to teaching legal English
  • Legal English terminology and how to teach legal English terminology acquisition skills
  • Examination and evaluation of legal case studies
  • Developing legal English materials
  • Developing legal English courses
  • Legal grammar

Course Requirements :

  • Study and evaluate case studies
  • Material development assignment
  • Legal terminology task
  • Legal concepts task
  • Legal agreements task
  • Final course assignment
  • Various other legal English exercises
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