Course Specification for Independent Study Elective

Independent Study Elective

A course that allows you to use your ideas, creativity, and personal experience for certification credits. Share your unique teaching and traveling story with the world!

Research and report on an area of TESOL in the world that interests you and receive certification for your project.

Course Overview:

Open your mind and expand your horizons. Global TESOL College has created an Independent Study Elective course for those with an inquisitive mind and an adventurous nature. This course allows you to research, analyze, and present a TESOL-related topic of interest and receive certification for it!

Complete the program at home or from anywhere in the world. Research the EFL community in a country or region where you would like to teach, or tell your own TESOL-related story and report on your personal teaching and traveling adventures. The range of topics to choose from is endless, as is the method of presenting your research. You can use a variety of audio and visual aids to supplement your written report and help you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for and knowledge of the chosen topic.

Course Content:

Choose from a selection of topics or propose your own TESOL-related topic. Once approved, conduct an in-depth self-study of the topic and how it relates to the TESOL industry. When you complete your research, prepare a detailed report 25-50 pages in length. Embark on this new adventure with Global TESOL College!

Course Requirements:

  • Select and submit a topic and outline proposal
  • Analyze and research a variety of articles, books, websites, and other material related to the topic
  • Study the topic
  • Prepare a report on the chosen topic (minimum 50 pages)
  • Submit report for marking and certification

Some possible topics might include:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Classroom environments
  • Effective ESL and globalization
  • Effectively breaking down language barriers
  • Learning disabilities in the classroom
  • Dealing with multi-level and multi-ethnic ESL classes
  • Language pedagogy
  • Cultural impacts on the classroom
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Use of music and video in the classroom

    The possibilities are endless!

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