Course Specification for Graduate TESOL Course

Course Overview:

Our Graduate TESOL Course was developed to further establish and expand on the concepts covered in our Foundation TESOL Course. Completion of this course is recommended for our TESOL Diploma Programs; however, anyone who has completed our Foundation TESOL Course and who would like to excel may also take this course. Augment your current teaching abilities and learn more about your favourite topics in our Foundation TESOL Course. This course will allow you to gain a greater depth and breadth of knowledge in the TESOL field and thus improve your capabilities as a TESOL teacher.

Building from your already established foundation as a Certified TESOL Teacher, the Graduate TESOL Course goes into more detail, covering topics such as lesson planning, classroom management, methodology, student/teacher feedback and evaluation, educational technology, designing a syllabus, the history of the English language, and problem-solving for the ESL/EFL classroom. Become familiar with a wider variety of potential classroom situations and learn to approach these situations adeptly and with assurance.

As a more highly skilled and educated English teacher, you will teach with greater ease and confidence and your students will thrive as a result.

Course Content:

  • A History of the English Language
  • Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Issues in Second Language Acquisition
  • Formal Linguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language and Culture
  • Syllabus and Course Design
  • Evaluation, Assessment and Testing
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