Finding an efl job in mexico city

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Hello all,

I just finished taking my tesol course this weekend :D I am heading down to mexico at the end of august or begining of september and would like to find a place to teach english in mexico city. I have the tesol, high school diploma and am working on the grammer specialization. From what i have experienced, mexico is a very face to face kind of place and so i'm not that surprised that i am having difficulties finding information about efl teacher positions. However if at all possible i'd love to have something set up before heading down there.... Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me? Or if it's best to just wait until i get there to try to find a place to work?

Let me know if you have any suggestions!!! :D
Are you sure you want to risk your life in Mexico? What is their avg pay anyways? Are you applying to public or private schools?
Haha, no i don't want to "risk my life" in mexico. I have lived there before for several months, i have friends there and my boyfriend who is mexican and lives there. I've been told that the average pay is from 6000-10000 pesos per month depending on where you work(although i am guessing that is on the higher end). I have also read alot of stories about less than that so i think it really just depends on where you end up. I'm not really expecting to be bringing home money from the work, more so just to pay for my living (or most of it) while i am there. Although i would love to teach in a private school that is very unlikely for me seeing as i only hold my high school diploma and a tesol certificate. I am hoping to find a job in one of the english institutes. Have you ever taught there before? If you have any suggestions for finding work?
At head office we have very few contacts for Mexico, so if you find anything promising there, please let us know or continue to post on the forums! Maybe you will find a great connection in need of our ESL teachers!

I am currently on the hunt in mexico city. The english institutes are looking promising for me. Anyone who has a bachelor degree would have a much easier time finding work here, pay is not as good as in other countries, however it's an amazing country to travel in and very interesting people to meet. I will be sure to keep you posted.
I have buddies that teach in Mexico and Cuba, but they do it fully volunteer. They are "old guys" who go down and speak a little Spanish and dig up school/church teaching gigs where they get room and board. Apparently its becoming a more popular way to see the country. Though with the larger number of English speakers and then volunteers, I have heard it is a tough market to get paying work, regardless of good or not.

But it is obviously worth it as I said, these guys keep going back on their own dime... :)

I got the same warnings about China that people give about places like Mexico too. Glad to see you aren't put off by it. In my experience trouble finds people actively looking for it first.

Good luck getting started! Have fun!